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Tag stringing can be done in different ways. The most common method is called knotting. In this method, the piece/tag gets a hole punched, then a piece of string is inserted thru the hole, tied and knotted at the end. Pieces can be flat, folded, or multiple pages that are either stapled or glued. String comes in many varieties, like cotton, elastic and perlray to name a few. Cotton string is available in over 125 colors allowing us to match just about any printed product. Elastic string can also be tinted to match a specific piece. The most commonly used elastic colors are white, black, and gold. VIEW STRING COLORS HERE **Please note that due to individual monitor resolutions, colors may vary slightly
Looping is the second way of attaching string to a product. Looping leaves the ends of the string loose so the customer can tie the tag onto an item at a later date. We can use heavy cords, or cords with tassels on the end.
Fiber patch is a 10pt. material used to strengthen the hole so wires or strings will not tear out easily. It comes in either white or reddish brown color, and can be applied to either one or two sides of the finished piece. We can apply these in line as the web moves thru the press, or off-line on a variety of products such as envelopes, business forms, etc.
Metal eyelets come in a variety of colors; most commonly used are silver (zinc), or gold (brass). Like patching, we can apply these either in line or off-line automatically, on a wide range of products.
Wiring can be in different lengths and thickness. The most common wire used is 12 inches long and 26 guage thickness. We can also use a plastic coated wire that comes in a variety of colors.
Laminating can be supplied with sealed edges or flush cut edge. We can laminate one side or two, from one mil to ten mil, in glossy or matte finish. Great for danger tags, lockout tags or tags that will be used outside.
Shrink-wrapping adds a great protective seal when tags have to be stored for a long period of time. We can shrink-wrap in just about any quantity per pack. This also makes it easy to sell in bundles of a specific amount. We can include extras such as wires, strings or plastic coated wires into the pack.
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